Tips on Leak Detection

Find Where the Problem Is

Water damage to your house can be disastrous. Do not let a plumbing leak sneak up on you. Prevent water damage to your home by taking preventative measures.

Leak detection is the most effective technique to prevent leaks and save your home. Because discovering leaks before they become an issue is not always simple, here are three helpful tips to assist you. To prevent leaks from causing damage to your property, consider the following advice.

Tip 1. Check your toilets. Check your toilets first. Your toilets use a lot of water. Leaking toilets increase water usage. To find a toilet leak, unscrew the tank lid and listen for hissing sounds. If you hear hissing, listen for the leak. If the toilet doesn’t hiss, add red food coloring. Add a few drops. Then inspect the toilet bowl. Pink toilet water indicates a leak. The flapper usually leaks. Check each toilet similarly.

Tip 2. Check the hot water tank. Check the pressure relief valve on your hot water tank. This valve may be inside a drain, making leaks difficult to spot. Find the leak by removing the drainpipe. If you can’t remove the drainpipe, listen for the same hissing sound as with the toilets. Leaks hiss. If your hot water tank leaks, call a plumber. Look for water around the bottom of the hot water tank to detect a leak. Check the discharge tube for dampness.

Tip 3. Check the meter line. Find the house’s shut-off valve to examine the meter line. Turn it off, remove the meter’s lid, and check the dial. If the meter lid isn’t visible, try brushing around it. The meter gets dirty. Check the meter once the lid is off. If so, the leak is between the meter and your residence or an older bronze gate valve? If so, the leak may be within. Walk between the meter and the shut-off valve to find the leak. Beware of soft or muddy spots. Once you find it, call a plumber.

Whether you’ve found the leak and now need repair or still need help finding the leak, contact Kimmons Plumbing Inc. as we have the services you need for leak detection. Residents of Pensacola, FL can now enjoy the quality services we offer. Give us a call (850) 455-2565 today!