Why Drain Cleaning is Very Important?

Keep It Clean

Drains clog over time. That’s the sad reality. Even if you’re just draining water, minerals imbued on it will build up somewhere in your PVC over time. This is highly the case if you’re just using hard water. To learn more about its importance and the measures you need to take in case clogs occur, read this.

Signs of Clogged Drains

The drain won’t clog right away unless you have accidentally flushed huge debris. It will slowly give you warning signs. It’ll start by producing a nasty smell similar to a rotten egg. After this, you will notice a restricted flow of water in your drain. If this occurs, then, the only choice is to hire a drain cleaning company. Don’t prolong the issue for it can damage your water pipe, prompting you to spend more in the future.

How to Avoid It?

Prevention will always be better than cure, and that’s always the case. Don’t hesitate to get a drain cleaning service if you like to remove the residues that have built up in your pipes. You can get in touch with an expert at least once a year. You should make it twice if you’re running a commercial space.

If you’re not using a wire mesh yet, you should try buying one. This is very helpful in filtering the chunks and residues. Another thing is, avoid pouring oily dishes directly into the sink. You have to remove the oil first and put it on a separate container for disposal. Oil hardens, especially in winter. That is why it’ll be quite problematic to pour them directly into the drain.

The Don’ts In Cleaning Drains

The best way to clean the drain is by hiring a professional. They have the tools, and they are knowledgeable about common plumbing issues. They won’t just use any product in melting the residues in pipes. They can resolve the problem faster and safer.

Unless you are sure of its safety, you should avoid using chemicals for drain cleaning. They can destroy your PVC. There are several incidents where their PVCs burst after unregistered cleaning products are poured through the drain. The worst part is, it has caused people standing nearby 2nd degree to 3rd-degree burns.

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